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with our community of options and futures traders.

We focus on education and mentorship — sharing knowledge, wisdom, & real-time analysis. 

Equip yourself with powerful, proprietary tools and data... learn robust strategies and tactics... focus on hedging, risk management, position sizing, and more — all in a safe haven of like-minded traders.

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Mentorship & Discussion

Our lead mentor, a 35-year veteran futures & options trader, and a former hedge fund manager—alongside a team of experienced mentors to guide you on your trading career.

Daily Analysis & Live Commentary

Tune in to insightful pre-market analysis and incredible live commentary during market hours on SPX/ES/NQ. Learn powerful nuggets of wisdom from our lead traders.

Daily / Weekly Ranges & Levels

Backtested volatility ranges and key institutional levels shared daily by our top members to guide intraday and weekly trading.

Proprietary Tools & Indicators

Gain access to powerful proprietary tools, indicators, and strategies to give you an edge amidst the noise of the markets.

Trade Ideas & Examples

See real trade ideas and example trades for options and futures by our top traders to learn mechanics and execution.

Community & Support

Join a group of traders with a common goal of collaborative learning: everyone growing together, sharing knowledge & support.

Learn from a former hedge fund manager with 35 years of trading experience 

Watch a sample video from Vet, our lead trader, as he explains thinking through ways to manage your long term portfolios during volatile markets.

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ITG is a real community of traders.


The Independent Traders Guild is a private community of options and futures traders. We focus primarily on the major US indices: SPX, SPY, QQQ, ES, & NQ. We are all students of the market, and come with a passion to learn.

Our group has a wide array of experience and focus areas:

  • Futures Trading
  • "Theta" Premium Selling
  • Swing Trading
  • Macro / Long-term investing
  • and much more... 

At ITG, we celebrate risk management as much as we celebrate big wins. We focus on building consistency, not just going for home runs.

Our main focus is education—learning how to "find your fit" as a trader, rather than simple callouts and blind following.

We don't want give you a fish, we want to teach you to fish. 

If you're ready to learn how to trade like the pros, then join a group of serious traders... a community where iron sharpens iron.

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