Intro to Futures Trading Course (Trend Following)

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This eBook will give you a jumpstart full of knowledge and skills on trend following trading using MES/MNQ futures contracts. The focus is on developing a strong understanding of risk management techniques and maintaining a solid risk-reward ratio. You'll learn about essential concepts and tools for identifying trends, staying on the right side of the market, reading price action, and using key market-generated information to make informed trading decisions. The course will also emphasize the importance of treating trading as a business and implementing a disciplined approach to managing your trading account.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the fundamental concepts of trend following trading using MES/MNQ futures contracts
  2. Use Delta Lingo to understand market trends and identify profitable trading opportunities
  3. Implement effective risk management techniques to minimize losses and maintain a positive risk-reward ratio
  4. Identify trend and range markets and make appropriate trading decisions based on market conditions
  5. Stay on the right side of the market and avoid getting caught on the wrong side
  6. Use price action analysis to make informed trading decisions
  7. Run their trading account like a business and implement a disciplined approach to trading

Course Resources:

  • Trading Plan Worksheet
  • Simple MES Stop Loss Calculator

Course Topics:

Module 1: Introduction to Futures

  • Introduction to Futures
  • The Value of Paper Trading
  • Choosing a Futures Broker
  • Proprietary Trading Firms (”Prop Firms”)

Module 2: Introduction to Delta Trend Following Trading

  • Trading MES/MNQ Contracts
  • What is Trend Following Trading?
  • Delta Lingo and Common Abbreviations

Module 3: How to Build Long Term Consistency

  • Importance of Treating Trading as a Business
  • The Power of a Trading Journal - Your Roadmap to Success
  • Implementing a Disciplined Approach to Trading

Module 4: Risk Management Techniques

  • Importance of Risk Management
  • Position Sizing and Leverage
  • Risk-Reward Ratio
  • Stop Loss & Profit Targets
  • Strategies for Placing Stop Losses and Profit Takers

Module 5: Trend vs Range Days

  • Identifying & Trading Trend Days
  • Identifying & Trading Range Days
  • Importance of Staying on the Right Side of the Market
  • Harmonic Rotations


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